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          New Trend of Market Application of Industrial Rubber

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            With the environmental protection, automotive diversification, renewable rubber, materials, heat resistance and other requirements to improve and further reduce the cost of automotive rubber products has become the main direction of development. Seal products accounted for 25% -28% of the weight of rubber parts for automobiles (excluding tires). Recently, EPDM rubber with ozone resistance and weathering resistance is widely used in automotive doors and windows seal, and gradually replace the traditional NR and CR glue. Each car can use 10-15 meters long of the various seals. To further reduce the cost and appearance, foreign manufacturers have used TPE materials to manufacture automotive doors and windows seal. The rubber seal is a kind of common basic element in the sealing device. It plays a very important role in the contradiction between leakage and sealing. It solves the problem of leakage and sealing in the process of human conquering nature. Has been promoting technological progress, is an important way to prevent and reduce environmental pollution. Rubber seals (Rubberseals) is a common type of sealing device in the basic components, in the leakage and sealing the contradictions play a very important role. In the process of human conquest of nature to solve leakage and sealing problems. Has been to promote technological progress, to prevent and reduce environmental pollution is an important way. Rubber seals are widely used in sealing technology, a class of rubber products. Because rubber has a valuable elastic polymer material, a wide temperature range, in different media to give a smaller stress will produce greater deformation, this deformation can provide contact pressure, compensation leakage gap, to achieve the purpose of sealing . The main products are rubber seals, rubber gaskets, flange gaskets, rubber damping blocks, rubber O-ring, V-ring, X-ring, Y-ring, and other forms, size, color, hardness and Materials, rubber products, although our rubber seal products started relatively slow, but with social progress, the emergence of new sealing production equipment and technology, sealing products increasingly stringent technical requirements, so as to further promote the development of new products and Development. The role of the rubber seal is to close the gap of oil spill and prevent dust, sand and other dirt intrusion into the chamber interior, but if installed or used improperly, it is easy to cause oil leakage, affecting the normal work of the machine, 75- A Burns the bearing, breaks the gear, breaks the drive shaft or other serious fault. Environmental protection machinery as China is the rapid rise of new industries, hydraulic pneumatic seals industry will open up a new market area. Automotive, oil industry, rubber parts in addition to oil requirements, the need to have good heat resistance, high temperature, high pressure, oxygen and other characteristics.
            In recent years, with the development of new technologies, the energy crisis and environmental protection become increasingly stringent, rubber seals working conditions become increasingly demanding, sealing materials put forward higher requirements, the application of high and low temperature range, low friction, self-lubricating properties and resistance Corrosion is better, the reliability of the material is higher. Fluorine rubber (FKM) is the high temperature, oil and chemical properties of the most comprehensive specialty rubber.
            Low-friction, self-lubricating fluorine-containing plastics (especially PTFE) are key materials to achieve oil-free seals, high-vacuum seals, constant friction seals for fluid-drive systems and hydraulic seals. PTFE applications are quite extensive and mature. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) after recent years of research and application, in the oil, high temperature compressive deformation and temperature performance has also made great progress.
            Polyurethane elastomer is the most important seal material in the hydraulic traditional and control system, and its application is more and more extensive. It is the key material in the development of many new sealing technologies. This gap at home and abroad, the domestic seal manufacturers basically do not have their own proprietary materials, the majority of domestic and foreign companies use generic brands.
            Nano-technology development of traditional sealing materials is mainly modified nano-powder materials, such as nano-calcium carbonate, nano-zinc oxide in the rubber seal industry has a large number of applications.
            (2) structure and process technology
            China's oil seal manufacturing technology and the gap between the advanced level is still large, manufacturers pay more attention to the introduction of production equipment and other hardware, and design and development capabilities to pay attention to not enough, with limited machining level, can not meet the requirements of high-quality oil seal mold manufacturing, testing equipment Generally relatively backward.
            Forming process, the foreign has been widely used in this highly efficient rubber injection, advanced, high-quality molding technology. As the market for large-scale rubber products demand has increased substantially, widely used screw reciprocating injection machine in the capacity and pressure on a certain limit, making the screw plunger-type injection machine has been a new development. In order to improve the surface and internal quality of the seal, save the raw material, the injection process has developed the vacuum injection molding to improve the precision of the products, reduce the trimming process; using injection transfer molding, can produce residual flash small seal; The molding process can produce precision sealing products without the trace of the pouring port and the expansion line of the glue line. The injection molding of the cold runner can improve the utilization rate of the compound. The gas-assisted injection can effectively reduce the consumption of the raw materials, save the energy and improve the efficiency. product quality. With the application of programmable logic controller (PLC) development, rubber injection machine control and automation level has been a breakthrough.
            Foreign seal manufacturing technology changes in the new mouth is the development of variable-mouth technology, that is, the use of computer-controlled extrusion-mouth changes, changing the past extrusion-type section of the invariable practice; extrusion process from the double compound, Development to four composite co-extrusion, or more composite co-extrusion, so that different types of plastic materials, materials, different colors of the co-extrusion, the technical content higher.




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