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          Oil - resistant rubber plate deep seal market potential

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            Relative to the large machinery, the small seal is really humble. Similarly, the industry as a whole seal industry output value and national leaders can not enter the machinery industry par. But the mechanical seal on the overall performance, service life and so have a significant impact.
            In recent years, the production and quality of sealing products in China has gradually entered a new stage and a new period. However, only these are far from being able to meet the development of other industries for all types of rubber sealing products standardization, serialization of products, especially with the international advanced countries, China's products in terms of product quality, or product variety, A considerable gap.
            Domestic enterprises have been on the seal of their own position is not very clear, blind production, the lack of products and host companies supporting the docking and cooperation. Can be said that the vast majority of domestic enterprises seal products are only in accordance with uniform standards of mass production, do not care about their products can meet the market host product support, blindly pursue their own factory, but the host supporting applications On the mechanical stability of performance is difficult to guarantee.
            Insiders pointed out that in order to adapt to the increasingly high environmental protection requirements of the human, ISO14000 standards have begun to pay attention to Chinese enterprises, people increasingly stringent requirements on the seal. On the other hand, the new standards objectively bring about market redistribution. The new more stringent quality standards, will become the biggest obstacle to the export of sealed products; and become a foreign enterprise into the Chinese market killer. Do not attach importance to technological progress of enterprises in the next five years will be eliminated.
            With the domestic machinery and equipment manufacturing industry continues to move towards high-end development, the quality of the seals will also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, only the continuous upgrading of production technology and technology to produce high-quality sealing products, in line with the production needs of high-end machinery and equipment, domestic seals in order to obtain better market opportunities. With the continuous development of sealing technology, environmental protection and energy-saving awareness of the ever-increasing, rubber seals in the sealing position in the field and the role will be increasing, the demand will be further expanded. Predict the next 10 years, the global rubber seals will be 3% to 4% speed forward. Freedonia consulting firm in the "washer and seal," the report predicted that the US elastomer gasket ~ J201O annual sales of up to 6.9 billion US dollars in 2015 reached 840 million US dollars. Among them, the rubber washer 550 million and 660 million US dollars, accounting for about 80%, is expected to thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) will have a faster development in the future.
            In recent years, China's rubber seals with the production of automotive, mechanical, electronic and other industries of rapid development, has made considerable progress, regardless of the number of varieties, or in the technical performance, have occurred in unprecedented changes. In 2009, sales of rubber sealing products has reached more than 6 billion yuan, the next few years will continue to 10% to 20% growth in 2O1O years has risen to 700 million yuan, becoming the world's largest rubber seal products production and consumption Great Powers.
            Now, the world's major rubber sealing products transnational groups have landed in China, the top 10 in nine settled in China. In the non-tire 50, there are 32 in China to establish 62 factories and enterprises, of which more than 2/3 have a rubber seal production. If including the top 50 in the United States and Europe and Japan and other countries in China, including non-tire companies, has now reached more than 100. They are in the automotive and other high-end rubber products production, is now occupying China's market two-thirds of the dominant position, and formed a close interaction between the upper and lower system. In addition, there are more than 100 in the mainland to Hong Kong and Taiwan non-tire rubber products business, there are a considerable part of the production of rubber seals. Now, China's rubber seal production has begun outside the world's major non-tire rubber products transnational groups gathered in China's globalization era.
            The world's largest oil seal manufacturer - Friedenburg, Germany, including sales of mechanical seals in 2009 has reached 5844'E, US dollars, of which non-tire rubber parts of 23.1 billion US dollars in the world number 8, At the same time it also shares in recent years broke into the fifth strong Japanese NOK. Two from 1992, the joint in China's Changchun and Wuxi has set up two specialized production of rubber oil seal business, accounting for a large share of the domestic market. American Parker - Hannifin for the world's largest O-ring production enterprises, with total sales of 10.3 billion US dollars, of which non-tire rubber products to 2.01 billion US dollars, ranking ninth in the world. It as early as in 1990 that set up in Wuhan, Wuhan Pike Seal Co., Ltd., in 2004 and the establishment of Shenyang in Shenyang Parker Seals Co., Ltd., to the market Sell all kinds of rubber seals. Since then, attracted the United States, Europe and Japan and other rubber seal manufacturers have set up factories in China.